Do you have a favorite recipe?

Everyone has grown up with their favorite recipes.  Maybe it was a regional favorite in your house or one that is known across the world.  

I remember a congealed salad that we always called GREEN STUFF…well, because it was green and I guess as a little kid I couldn’t say CONGEALED SALAD… besides, green stuff sounds better as kid.

Anyway, post your favorite links or recipes right here.  I’ll start of with a link to Emeril Legasse’s Jambalaya recipe.  Of course, when we make our, no recipe is used…

Spicy Homemade Cajun Jambalaya

Not the actual photo of Emeri Legasse’s Jambalaya…


I have some favorite dessert recipes that will be posted later.  Have y’all heard of CONGO BARS?

Happy Trails!

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